Resource Library

Blonde on a Budget

Blonde on a Budget is a twenty-something’s journey from being a maxed out, overindulging idiot to becoming a balanced and financially sound woman.

Canadian Budget Binder

Canadian Budget Binder is essentially a virtual binder filled with life topics surrounding personal finance. If it has to do with money, CBB talks about it.

Canajun Finances

Alan Whitton has an opinion on just about everything, and he isn’t afraid to blog about it. His blog may sometimes be aimed more at the planning-for-retirement crowd, but I guess it’s never too early to think about it. Also does a good line in slightly tenuous parables.

Credit Unions of Ontario

Did you come here for advice, but don’t live in or around South Western Ontario? No problem, you can find a credit union wherever you are (well, within Ontario anyway) – just check out the map on this site.

Ellen Roseman: On Your Side

A treasure trove of information on consumer rights and personal finance issues – if you’re searching for a specific topic, this is the place to go. And if you have a problem with finance companies, she takes reader emails seriously.

Fabulously Broke

The anonymous author paid her way out of $60,000 of debt in just 18 months, and shares her story here. It should be noted that a large part of that might be because she probably earns much, much more than you and me combined. Still, if you like shopping and saving, this is worth a browse.

Financial Calculators

Working out interest on accounts, loans and mortgages is pretty difficult to do in your head, so these FirstOntario financial calculators should help. Unless you majored in math. Those guys should be working it out for themselves.

FirstOntario Credit Union

It’s free to open an account, with no monthly fees, free withdrawals, etc. So if you’re in southwestern Ontario, head over and check out what FirstOntario can offer. And if you’re looking for the closest branch or ATM to make a free (and limitless) withdrawal, here’s our branch and ATM locator.

For the Love of Money

Information straight from the top! This blog is written by Laurie Campbell, the Executive Director of Credit Canada, and covers money management, financial education, debt management, credit scores, etc. And don’t worry – they sound like a big corporation, but they’re actually a non-profit.

Get Smarter About Money

This site pulls together some of the finest young minds on finance, including Rob Carrick (financial writer for the Globe & Mail) and Lesley Scorgie (author of Rich by Thirty). Again, it’s good if you have a particular question in mind, as it covers an enormous range of topics, from foreign exchange tips to paying your taxes.

Give Me Back My Five Bucks

Krystal Yee started her blog so she could write down everything she was learning during her journey to paying off $20k of debt in 12 months. Now that it’s over she keeps writing down all the new things she learns as well. In particular, she’s very open about her day-to-day money management – I found it great to see the practice, rather than just the theory. is Canada’s largest student job board, helping post-secondary students find their first internships, co-ops, and entry-level jobs to launch their careers.

Money Smarts

If you’re looking to get a bit more in-depth knowledge about specific investment products and figure out the best way to get a good return on your money, Mike Holan’s blog is an excellent resource – though it might be a little detailed and specific for the casual reader.

Mr Money Mustache

Crazy name, crazy guy. Mr. Mustache (possibly not his real name) retired at thirty through wise saving and frugal living, and now advocates that everyone else do the same. Even if you don’t quite want to live the Mustachian lifestyle, it’s still a great read.

My Own Advisor

My Own Advisor is a personal finance and investing blog dedicated to chronicling a personal journey to financial independence.

Passive Income Earner

Passive Income Earner is a personal finance blog that focuses particularly on raising your dividend income to reach your retirement goals.

Punch Debt in the Face

Combines everybody’s two favourite things – a humourous look at personal debt issues, and crudely drawn webcomics. Well, they’re two of my favourite things, anyway. The writer claims to be a ninja who got out of $28,000 of debt in two years, and even if only one of those things is true, it’s an entertaining mix of practical advice and personal rambling.


FirstOntario sponsors this yearly festival held at the Hamilton Convention Centre – there’s an almost endless supply of soup, and the proceeds go towards a range of good causes run by Living Rock Ministries in the local area. See you there!


Kerry K Taylor (the ‘K’ is very important for finding her on Google apparently) loves living the frugal life and coming up with new, creative hacks for keeping things cheap. This site shares a whole load of those brainwaves on travel, fitness, shopping and home organization – as well as a lot of stuff on resumes for those just entering the job market.

Sustainable Personal Finance

Being cheap and being green go together pretty well it seems, and Simon and Marielle, a couple from Eastern Ontario, have a load of suggestions on how to combine them. Perhaps surprisingly, they also have quite a few tips on investment and playing the stock market – not your typical eco-blog.

The Billfold

More like a general interest magazine with money as its theme, rather than a blog focused on personal finance, this is perhaps the most recommended for the casual reader who just wants to learn a bit more about money in general. Many interesting contributors and interesting articles – take some time to browse.


Kevin McKee’s only qualification on this topic is “making idiotic financial mistakes” and then learning from them. But, it seems to be working – although his site has a casual tone, it’s actually a very detailed and useful source. If you’re the analytical type, he also provides free downloads of the spreadsheets he uses to track his own finances.

Young and Thrifty

Another site with a huge range of advice from a couple of guys in their mid-twenties, Kyle Prevost and Justin Bouchard – might be of particular interest to any romantics out there, as they have a whole section on planning and paying for weddings.