How Shopping and Banking Local Benefits You and Your Community

Oct 22 2015 - Credit, Saving

Since its Small Business Week, I wanted to review some of the benefits of shopping local and how it can save you money in the long run. I love to shop and bank local because it helps my community thrive. I receive a personalized experience, and on many occasions, the prices are much more budget friendly. Here are some of my favourite reasons why I love to shop and bank local.

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Simple Things You Can Do to Save Money

Oct 6 2015 - Saving

Welcome back to Money On Trees. Today, we are going to discuss one of my favourite topics when it comes to finances: saving. I’ve always believed that saving is something that can be achieve through practice. We discuss it in every Money On Trees seminars and our attendees often forget to include it in their budget. Today, I am going to share some of those tips from our seminar in hopes that it will help you reach your savings goals.

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Apps to Track Your Finances

Sep 18 2015 - Loans

If you’re like me, it can be difficult to take time each week to review your budget on an excel spreadsheet. Now this method might work for some people but, I’ve recently turned to my mobile phone to determine how I can manage my money on the go. I love managing my budget on an app because let’s face it – managing money isn’t fun. However, it’s definitely something you need to do and with these apps, it can be much easier.

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Save Money on Transportation

Sep 11 2015 - Budgets, Saving

If you’re going back to school or back to your regular routine, your transportation costs are definitely something you need to consider when you’re reviewing your budget. In today’s blog post, I share some of my favourite tips and resources on how to save money on transportation.

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How to Personalize Your Dorm Room on a Budget

Sep 2 2015 - School

By now many of you are settling into your dorm rooms or will within the next week. This is an exciting time because in many cases, this will be the first time you live away from home. Unfortunately, the standard dorm room isn’t the most inspiring place to study or spend your time in. Also, with a student budget, your decorating budget could be minimal to none. Not to worry! Before you spend money on the trendiest decor, in today’s blog, I will be sharing some of my favourite ways to personalize your dorm room on a budget.

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