This New Year – Shape up, without breaking the bank: A Q&A with Craig Spear (Part 1)

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Year after year the New Year’s resolution that tops most Canadian’s list is to “Get in Shape and Lose Weight”. However, just as interesting is number 3 on the list – stick to a budget. Statistics show that 75% of us who join a gym end up going a grand total of six times a year. This means many young adults will purchase gym memberships and not use them throughout the year. Considering it may cost you roughly $500 a year, this won’t help you stick to your budget. Thankfully a little guidance from a gym expert this year can help you get in shape, without breaking the bank. We’ve decided to have a two-part blog series with Craig Spear, Owner of Momentum Fitness in Dundas, Ontario about how young adults can fulfill those New Year’s resolutions to stay fit and also stay within budget.

Q: Many young adults are on tight budgets this time of year. What practical ways can they fulfill their New Year’s Resolution this year of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle on a budget?

A: This might sound counter intuitive to our business but we are huge promoters of exercise in general. That means educating people about all the FREE opportunities that exist to be physically active and achieve your fitness goals. Fitness is free. You don’t have to belong to a gym to live a healthy, active life.  In the Golden Horseshoe, we have so many great assets to take advantage of. If you live in the Hamilton area, there are the Chedoke, Dundurn, James, Wentworth and Kenilworth escarpment stairs, which you can access at any time and get in a challenging workout even during the winter months. If you live in the Burlington, Hamilton or Niagara region there are so many great trails and waterfront treks that you can utilize.  If you are not a fan of going outside there are so many apps and online resources that you can access for free, which will give you a great workout in the comfort of your own home without equipment. The key is to find something that works for your personal situation and find something that will keep you motivated to be consistent. Consistency is the key to success after all.

Q: On the nutrition side, what ways can you save some money while getting the proper nutrition that your body needs after a long work-out?

A: Unfortunately, we live in a society where cheap food is processed and robbed of its nutrients. Eating healthy means eating fresh produce without preservatives. Most Canadians are pressed from time which further compounds eating properly, because preparing fresh foods means preparation and cooking time. If you are committed to eating healthy foods – you can do it. Shop for seasonal produce, look for discounts and stock up when items do go on sale, buy in bulk and make food items last. Have a plan and stick to it. All of this takes discipline and with the right work ethic you can eat healthy and not break the bank.

Tune in next week as we continue this two-part blog series with Craig Spear of Momentum Fitness and uncover ways to stick to your budget and New Year’s Resolutions. See you next week!