March is Fraud Prevention Month

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It’s Fraud Prevention Month (#FPM2016) and 2016 marks the 12th anniversary of the annual education and awareness campaign that encourages Canadians to recognize, reject and report fraud.

Money On Trees & FirstOntario Credit Union will be sharing resources and tips to help consumers fight fraud. A great place to start is the Competition Bureau website, where they share how consumers can recognize, reject and report fraud.

Tips to protect yourself from Fraud:

  • When creating a password, use a combination of letters & numbers, & avoid using easily guessed passwords such as birthdays
  • Ensure that the anti-virus software on your computer is current and that it scans your computer on a regular basis
  • Always log out of any accounts by following the appropriate exit procedures outlined on the website
  • Use different PIN numbers for every debit and credit card. This will help prevent across additional accounts.
  • Check your accounts on a regular basis. If you encounter anything that does not seem right, connect with your credit union right away.
  • To help prevent identity theft, shred any personal documents including receipts, credit card statements, insurance forms etc.,
  • Protect your PINs & do not reveal them to anyone. Keep your Member card within sight and shield the keypad when entering your PIN.

Visit the Competition Bureau’s fraud prevention portal or calendar for more information and many other resources to help you fight fraud.

Visit our blog throughout the month of March for additional blog posts related to Fraud, and join us on March 24th, 2016 at 3 p.m. for our #FirstOntarioFPMChat where we will be discussing tips and resources that consumers can use to protect themselves on a daily basis.