Is Netflix really all you need?

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At $7.99 a month, there’s literally not much out there that can compare to alternatives like Netflix, Shomi, and Crave TV. As a first time homebuyer with little discretionary income, I simply cannot afford $80 a month on Satellite or Cable. I recently read a fantastic article in The Globe and Mail, and I have to say “when it comes to TV, Netflix is all I need”.

With Netflix, I know what I’m getting – I can watch movies, TV shows and documentary’s as much as I want without any time constraints. Plus it’s all commercial free!

If you’re not satisfied with Netflix, you still have other options. For example Roger’s Shomi at $8.99 a month or Bell’s newly launched CraveTV at $4 a month are other budget friendly choices.

I don’t see myself investing in a satellite or cable package any time soon. I like the flexibility of these other options. If there’s something I do miss, it’s my sports. However, even those are becoming more accessible to us. If you’re like me, you were able to stream the entire 2014 Sochi Olympics online. Same goes for CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada on Saturdays. Just be mindful to check with your internet provider on your usage. Streaming over the internet can really add up fast. If you exceed your limit, you may incur charges – and nobody wants that! Another simple way to catch the big game – gather some friends and split some wings over at the pub. It’s okay to have a little fun, right?

You may not be the only one with thoughts of cable cutting. Over the last year, more than 200,000 Canadians have taken that same step with numbers released by two of Canada’s largest cable TV providers.

Maybe someday I’ll make the switch back to cable or satellite, but for the price and quality – Netflix has me entertained!

Netflix Tip: Are you a TV marathoner? Do you seem to be going over your internet usage every month? Lots of people do (and end up paying more for internet) – that’s the downside. However, it’s possible that you may not need to purchase a higher internet package. In your Netflix settings, play with your streaming quality. If you stream in “Super HD”, you’ll use more bandwidth. You’ll also find that if you have an HD TV already, streaming in “medium quality” looks just as great! Plus, you won’t have to up your internet package.