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Millennials: Low Paycheques Don’t Have to Hurt High Hopes

Sep 11 2014 - Saving, Work

As a young professional, you may get little empathy when your expected salary is unexpectedly small. You may have heard from that “you need to work your way up” or just “be grateful for what you have” however, your small paycheque may result in older generations feeling the pinch too.

An article in the Globe and Mail confirms that you are probably making less money than predicted – the average annual salary for grads is not keeping up with inflation and in some cases has declined. Salaries for graduates six months out of school “went from $41,699 in 2006 to just $42,636 in 2011”. Even more intimidating, is that two years post-grad, “the average declined from $49,468 in 2006 to $49,398 in 2011”. The numbers don’t lie – it can be tough out there. But you have to start somewhere and generations before us have had to start at the bottom and work up the ladder as well. It’s a fact.

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40 Ways to Start Volunteering

Apr 10 2014 - Work

If you’re finishing up school right now, you’re probably counting down the days until your summer break starts. But before you get down to some well-deserved fun in the sun, you may want to consider some positive ways to help out your community this summer AND build your resume.

It’s National Volunteer Week (April 6-12) and we’re encouraging you to join Canada’s 13.3 million volunteers in supporting charitable causes. For young adults like you in particular, aside from the feel good stuff, it’s common knowledge that volunteer experiences are great assets on a job application. After all, Forbes reported 60% of hiring managers think volunteering makes someone more hireable.

Just think: a couple hours of volunteer work each week might help you develop employable skills and build a positive reputation in the community. The hardest part is probably getting out there and staying motivated. To get you going, the Government of Canada published some great volunteer ideas to think about.

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Landing a Summer Job

Jan 30 2014 - Work

It’s definitely been chilly in the Great White North this winter! But now it’s that time of year when many of us have to start thinking about sunnier days and a summer jobespecially as big bills and major deadlines pile on.

Some of you may already have a PAID internship or co-op placements lined up. If you’re that proactive CONGRATS for landing that great job and all your hard work! For everyone else keep reading to learn where you might want to start hunting down your next summer job.
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Managing the Financials While You’re Looking for a Job

Dec 19 2013 - Saving, Work

The recession of 2008-09 (also known to many as the Global Financial Crisis) really did a number on bank accounts everywhere, but it especially hurt young people! Even though Canada’s unemployment rate is steadily decreasing to pre-recession levels according to Statistics Canada (6.9% in November), youth unemployment in Ontario is MORE THAN DOUBLE the national rate (around 16.9% unemployment for 16-24 year olds). This means more than 1 in 6 youth are jobless! Wowza!

So to make the most of your unemployment down time, let’s run through how to stretch your money further, make a little extra dough on the side, and explore new career opportunities.

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The Pros & Cons of Working Part-Time While in School

Nov 12 2013 - School, Work

I LOVED having a part-time job while I was at university! For real! I earned a bunch of extra cash for spending – and I even set some aside for saving, too! The distraction gave me some much-needed time away from the books and an opportunity to meet some new friends outside of school. But, jobs can also sometimes interfere with your studies. Statistics Canada data shows a large proportion of university dropouts blame their struggles on trouble meeting deadlines. Ideally, you want a job that pays well per hour, without taking up all of your time from those make-or-break essays.

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The World of Internships and Paying for Them

Nov 5 2013 - Saving, Work, Your rights

Photo: David Castillo Dominici/

With record unemployment around the world, a lot of us young folks will likely end up working for free while we try to get hired for real – yes, you too can earn your first corporate title: the ‘intern’. Now that internships are becoming a common and necessary step on the career ladder, you’ll want to know how to plan your life around making the experience a success.

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