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Talking Financial Literacy With The Hamilton Bulldogs

Nov 27 2014 - Loans, Saving, School, Video, Work

As we wrap up Financial Literacy Month here in Canada, we decided to have a little fun with local athletes. We made the trip down to FirstOntario Centre to have a financial literacy chat with a few of the Hamilton Bulldogs. Life as an AHL player comes with some of the same financial challenges that young adults face on a day to day basis. Here’s an inside look from three of the Hamilton Bulldogs – Mike Condon, Mac Bennett and Darren Dietz.

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Video: Money On Trees on CHCH Morning Live

Apr 4 2014 - Saving, Video

In case you missed it, last November our blog was featured on CHCH Morning Live in Hamilton, Ontario. I made the appearance alongside one of my bosses at FirstOntario Credit Union, Dave Schurman. Since Dave appears on the show’s Finance Friday segment every week to promote financial literacy, we took this opportunity to officially launch the blog and promote our resources to guide young adults through the financial tough stuff.

The show’s host, Annette Hamm, even went the extra mile to endorse Money On Trees during the interview. She called it, “The personal finance blog created by a young professional for the young professional” because we discuss money management issues not taught in schools.

Got any personal finance questions you’d like answered? Contact us to join the conversation and share your experiences.

Video: Common Scams and Fraud Prevention

Mar 21 2014 - Video

Welcome to another Fraud Prevention Month edition of Finance Friday!

Dave Schurman of FirstOntario Credit Union (where we work) appears on CHCH Morning Live with Bob Cowan to talk about the most common scams.

Do you want to share your own experiences with fraud to help others recognize and prevent scams? Like our Facebook Page and join the conversation.

Video: FirstOntario Credit Union Kicks Off Fraud Prevention Month

Mar 7 2014 - Video

It’s Finance Friday! You’ll want to watch this to avoid some nasty scams.

To kick off Fraud Prevention Month, my boss Dave Schurman, VP & COO of FirstOntario Credit Union, appeared on CHCH Morning Live with Annette Hamm to discuss how to avoid credit card fraud!

Do you want to share your own experiences with fraud to help others recognize and prevent scams? Like our Facebook Page and join the conversation.

Talking to Youth About Interest Rates

Feb 13 2014 - Credit, Loans, Video

How much do you think young people your age know about interest rates? Actually, do YOU even know what you’ll owe on your debts at the rate you’re repaying? Not sure? Well, you should probably watch this…

The MoneyOnTrees crew hung around the McMaster University campus in Hamilton recently to ask youth if they really understand their personal finances. Do Canadians need help getting through the financial tough times?

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Discussing Your Finances With Your Parents

Jan 29 2014 - Credit, Loans, Saving, Video

Did your parents ever discuss personal finance with you? Better yet, maybe you learned something useful because of it? Well, there’s only one way to find out!

The MoneyOnTrees crew spent an afternoon wandering around Hamilton, Ontario recently to ask young people if they ever talk about money with their parents. Do Canadian youth need help growing up financially? Watch for yourself and let us know!

Enjoy the show!

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