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How to Personalize Your Dorm Room on a Budget

Sep 2 2015 - School

By now many of you are settling into your dorm rooms or will within the next week. This is an exciting time because in many cases, this will be the first time you live away from home. Unfortunately, the standard dorm room isn’t the most inspiring place to study or spend your time in. Also, with a student budget, your decorating budget could be minimal to none. Not to worry! Before you spend money on the trendiest decor, in today’s blog, I will be sharing some of my favourite ways to personalize your dorm room on a budget.

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How to Save Money when Buying School Supplies

Aug 19 2015 - Saving, School

If you haven’t noticed (or maybe you’re trying to avoid it), its back to school time! If you are heading back to school in September, costs can add up very quickly. Don’t know where to start? Good Housekeeping has a great list for back to school shopping supplies, from three-ring binders to disinfectant wipes. Keep in mind that you might not need everything, so shop according to what you will ACTUALLY use. Below, I have included some of the most common items I purchased during my university career; I hope this helps you when determining what you need this year.

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Talking Financial Literacy With The Hamilton Bulldogs

Nov 27 2014 - Loans, Saving, School, Video, Work

As we wrap up Financial Literacy Month here in Canada, we decided to have a little fun with local athletes. We made the trip down to FirstOntario Centre to have a financial literacy chat with a few of the Hamilton Bulldogs. Life as an AHL player comes with some of the same financial challenges that young adults face on a day to day basis. Here’s an inside look from three of the Hamilton Bulldogs – Mike Condon, Mac Bennett and Darren Dietz.

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Student debt, you’re the thorn in my side.

Nov 13 2014 - Loans, School

The average Canadian student graduates university with $28,000 of debt and takes an average of 14 years to pay it back. This means that if the average student graduates at 23 or 24, they will be paying off their debt by 37 or 38. Wow. For some it’s probably not until graduation comes around that the word “debt” comes up in conversation. Quite simply, student debt sucks and many Gen Y’ers are simply tired of dragging it around. For many it’s because it sometimes feels like it’ll never come to an end. I recently discovered an article in the Globe and Mail – one that many of you can probably relate to, no matter what age or stage.

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