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5 Ways to Get Your Credit Card Paid!

Jun 27 2016 - Credit, Loans

Ask Siri!

It’s surprising how helpful a reminder can be from time to time. Ask Siri to remind you a few days before your payment is due. This way you can organize your finances so that you’re prepared to make the payment. It also allows you the opportunity to make  any adjustments to your spending if your balance is a little higher than you expected,

Don’t have Siri? No problem! Setting an alarm that goes off 3 days before my payment is due works like a charm! I also add it to my calendar for an extra reminder.

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How Shopping and Banking Local Benefits You and Your Community

Oct 22 2015 - Credit, Saving

Since its Small Business Week, I wanted to review some of the benefits of shopping local and how it can save you money in the long run. I love to shop and bank local because it helps my community thrive. I receive a personalized experience, and on many occasions, the prices are much more budget friendly. Here are some of my favourite reasons why I love to shop and bank local.

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My Momma Told Me I Better (Mortgage) Shop Around

Jul 2 2014 - Credit, Loans

You’ve probably been told to always shop around for the best deal. For every major purchase I’ve made in the past ten years, from a laptop for school, to my first car I’ve pounded the pavement comparing features and price. So why would it be any different when it came time to buy my first house and get my first mortgage?

I was surprised to learn of a recent report by the Canadian Associated of Accredited Mortgage Professionals, which discovered that four of five recent homebuyers didn’t consult with a credit union when getting a mortgage. As I do all of my banking at a credit union, it was obvious for me to check them out first, but if you do your banking elsewhere, it may surprise you how many competitive options are out there.

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Should you have the talk before you tie the knot?

Jun 24 2014 - Credit, Saving

You’ve probably heard the saying – love conquers all, but when it comes to money that’s not quite true. For most Canadians, money is the leading cause of relationship trouble. Some researchers speculate that couples who make less cash are more likely to separate not because of their low-income, but because of all of the stress and skirmishes over money – or lack thereof. Having an open and honest money chat with your other half early on is key to establishing a deeper level of trust in your relationship – especially before you think of walking down the aisle.

I get it – regardless if you’re a new couple or have been committed for years it can be hard to open up your financial life to each other, but it’s an important talk for both your personal and financial futures. Most Canadians actually say they regret not discussing their financial situation with their partner before their marriage. So to avoid future fights, consider discussing the following financial matters before you take the leap:

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Talking to Youth About Interest Rates

Feb 13 2014 - Credit, Loans, Video

How much do you think young people your age know about interest rates? Actually, do YOU even know what you’ll owe on your debts at the rate you’re repaying? Not sure? Well, you should probably watch this…

The MoneyOnTrees crew hung around the McMaster University campus in Hamilton recently to ask youth if they really understand their personal finances. Do Canadians need help getting through the financial tough times?

Watch and share your two cents!

Discussing Your Finances With Your Parents

Jan 29 2014 - Credit, Loans, Saving, Video

Did your parents ever discuss personal finance with you? Better yet, maybe you learned something useful because of it? Well, there’s only one way to find out!

The MoneyOnTrees crew spent an afternoon wandering around Hamilton, Ontario recently to ask young people if they ever talk about money with their parents. Do Canadian youth need help growing up financially? Watch for yourself and let us know!

Enjoy the show!

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