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What Should I Include in my Budget?

May 25 2016 - Budgets

Have you ever created a budget? I honestly do not know what I would do without it. If you’ve ever wanted to create a budget, but didn’t know where to start, this blog post is for you. I am here to help you get back on track with information and resources on what to include in your budget. Now keep it mind, you might have additional expenses not listed here, so make sure you include those as well.

A budget is not as much about what you make as it is about what you spend. You can’t always control what you make, but you can control what you spend.

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Save Money on Gifts this Holiday Season

Nov 29 2015 - Budgets, Saving

With the holiday season approaching, this is the perfect time to review your budget and plan. If you’re like me, making a Christmas list can be daunting. I started with my usual list (parents, siblings, significant other and friends), but then I started to wonder – should I get a gift for Susan at work? Suddenly, my list had many more people on it then I ever expected. Not to worry, today I am here to share some of my favourite ways to save during the holiday season.

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Save Money on Transportation

Sep 11 2015 - Budgets, Saving

If you’re going back to school or back to your regular routine, your transportation costs are definitely something you need to consider when you’re reviewing your budget. In today’s blog post, I share some of my favourite tips and resources on how to save money on transportation.

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