Choice and Affordability Coming to a TV near You!

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For most young adults these days – Netflix seems to be the “go-to choice” for television entertainment. It’s affordable and entertaining. In fact, we recently wrote a blog about Netflix’s advantage for alternative TV. However, things have changed somewhat in the last few weeks. According to the Financial Post, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced the next stage in the evolution of Canada’s cable and television industry. The CRTC has required pick-and-pay TV channels and basic packages with a $25 cap from cable providers.

What this means is that TV is about to give the consumer more “choice and affordability” beginning March 2016. In a previous blog, I mentioned that being a first-time home-buyer gives me little discretionary income to spend on luxuries like $80 satellite and cable. Expensive bundles can really add up!

By the time March of next year rolls around – all packages will feature a basic set up of local channels. Beyond that, “subscribers will be able to add other programming through the ‘pick-and-pay’ model that gives consumers the option to add one or more individual channels, and choose ‘reasonably-priced’ bundled channel packages.” Not too shabby. Next year, I will have the choice, just like you will to watch National Geographic or the occasional sports game simply by purchasing the individual channel itself. This may bode well for us frugal spenders out there!

The change comes at a good time with many Canadians tossing around thoughts of cable cutting. Over the last year, more than 200,000 Canadians have actually taken that step with numbers released by two of Canada’s largest cable TV providers.

Netflix may have me entertained at the moment, but in light of these recent changes – I may consider my options in the future!


Article Quote: Gordon Isfeld, Business Financial Post.