Recognize it! Top ten scams to watch out for.

Mar 26 2015 - Your rights


It’s still March! Which means it’s still Fraud Prevention Month here in Canada. I recently saw a report by Global News that talked about the top ten scams to watch out for this month. Scams can come in all sorts of forms, so be on the look out to make sure you don’t become a victim this year. Equifax Canada suggests fraud accounts for 54 per cent of all cybercrimes reported to police, citing Statistics Canada data. Plus, Equifax reports that fraud-related crime costs Canada between $15-billion and $30-billion annually.

The following ten scams are believed to be the most pervasive of them all over the last year, according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). So be sure to keep a close eye on these scams in particular.

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March is Fraud Prevention Month – How to protect your finances!

Mar 19 2015 - Your rights


March is Fraud Prevention Month. It’s a great 31 day period to focus on making sure you’re taking the necessary steps to protect yourself.  Making sure your personal information is secure is important, it can protect you from fraudulent activity like I.D. theft which can lead to financial fraud. Fraudsters will target things like your social insurance number, any personal ID and even your home title, just to name a few. Plus, scams can come in all sorts of forms so be on the look out!

Don’t be a victim this year! Take the time this March to learn how to protect yourself and in what ways. Here’s 5 tips frequently informed by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada to keep you safe from those fraudsters out there.

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Are You a True Entrepreneur? (Feat. Ejaz Nadeem, MA, CFP, CLU)

Mar 13 2015 - Work


Industry Canada states that, at the end of 2012, there were over one million small businesses in Canada, employing 7.7 million people. It represents almost 70% of the total private labour force. Small businesses are also experiencing rapid growth. The net increase in the number of small business was almost 22,000 over the 2008-2009 period, the latest year for which data is available.

This week, we turned to Ejaz Nadeem for 8 things to consider when developing a successful business model. Ejaz is the Vice President of FirstOntario Wealth Management and has been in the industry for over 25 years helping both businesses and families alike.

You may be one of those individuals who would want to convert your innovative idea into your own small business. Writing a business plan is the first step on your way to entrepreneurship. Before you invest your own money or look for financing, you need to demonstrate whether it is even feasible to turn your idea into a business.

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Shake Your Money Tree Contest – Chance to Win $2500!

Mar 5 2015 - Contests


You know the old saying goes “money doesn’t grow on trees”. Not in this world at least! It’s time to shake it up!

We created a money tree growing paradise all for YOU! This is our way to have a little fun. We’d like to introduce you to the Shake Your Money Tree Contest. Here’s your chance to win $2500* in a place where “money does grow on trees”. Perhaps a little cash toward your RSP contribution will help.

Enter into our wonderful world. Playing our game is simple – Place your basket, shake your tree and catch those money leaves. Each leaf you catch gives you ballots to enter the contest. The more you play, the better chance you have!

You can come back and play daily for more chances to win! Follow along with us every day by liking our Facebook page, subscribing to the blog or retweeting a tweet.

For full contest rules, click here. Contest closes April 14th!

Are you ready to shake it?

PLAY here on Desktop

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*One award consisting of a ($2,500) CAD deposit into a FirstOntario Credit Union 12 Month Term Deposit GIC in the winner’s name. Must be 18 years or older and reside in Ontario.

Save Money and Eat Well Too (With Anna Olson)

Feb 12 2015 - Saving


I think it’s safe to say we all agree it’s important to follow a balanced diet of nutritious foods to stay healthy. However, it can be difficult at times to make smart purchases when grocery shopping. Is it because healthier foods cost more money than unhealthy food? Or is it because we don’t always know what foods are best for us? Well, that’s why we turned to the help of Celebrity Chef Anna Olson. Like myself, she believes that eating well doesn’t have to mean buying expensive foods or shopping at pricey health food stores. To be quite honest, it can actually be quite easy to eat well and save some cash on groceries at the same time. Anna has provided 5 simple tips and cost saving nutritious recipes for you to follow. Listen up students! Are you ready to kick your Kraft dinner diet to the curb?

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5 Money Saving Tips for Spring Breakers (With Amanda Stancati)

Feb 5 2015 - Saving


Spring break is around the corner and you’re ready to chill out. If you haven’t yet made plans for your spring break getaway because you’ve been plugging away passing your midterms – we’ve got you covered on some tips. We turned to the vacation experts. Amanda Stancati at provided us with 5 money saving tips for those spring breakers out there. After all, we could all use a little more saving on our getaways!

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